9 Gift Ideas For The Perfect Teacher Present

What thank you present to buy for a teacher?

As summer steadily approaches and another school year ends, now is the time to consider what thank you present to buy for your child’s teacher to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Here are our top gift ideas to thank your teacher and help you to become the teacher’s pet:

1. Brighten up their desk with a new mug. A pretty and practical colourful mug is a good way to add a bit of cheer to the classroom, and perfect for a well earned cup of tea or coffee.

2. A hand drawn card from their pupils, teachers will love this sentimental and personal thank you gift. Check out our range of kids art supplies and let them get creative.

3. Homemade bread, cakes, biscuits or jam - wrap with a ribbon and add a personalised thank you note. Add a set of napkins for an extra treat.

4. Stationery is something teacher’s will always need, a new notebook, some pretty pencils or some stylish storage boxes are some lovely ideas for adding some desktop design.

5. A luxurious silk hair scrunchie is a special gift for teachers with long hair.

6. A book: this may be a tricky thing to get right if you don’t know your teacher’s personality too well, opt for a cookbook if you want to play it safe, one with vegetarian & vegan options to be even safer!

7. Candles: dinner candles are always a lovely & useful gift to add detail at the dinner table. A relaxing scented candle or diffuser would be a thoughtful gift as the teacher takes the summer to recharge.

8. An apron, tea towel or oven glove are lovely and practical gifts that people always need yet tend not to buy for themselves. If a few of you are chipping in then a beautiful tablecloth and napkins would make an extra special gift.

9. Ensure they go into summer with style with a new tote bag.

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