The Bluebellgray Archive

14Years of Paintings

A watercolour walk through Bluebellgray history

Fourteen years ago Fi sat at her kitchen table and created Bluebellgray. Born from her original watercolour paintings, the company started as six cushion designs and a drive & determination to create beautiful soft furnishings inspired by nature, that bring joy and happiness into the home.

Now, in 2023, the brand has grown into a full range of homeware, bedding, fabric, wallpaper, rugs and tableware, all in Fi’s signature colourful, handpainted, watercolour style. Everything Bluebellgray is painted by hand and developed in our Glasgow design studio - the kitchen table no longer doubles as a creative space however each design is still hand painted by Fi, staying true to the original vision and still intended to provide colour, cheer and optimism. The Bluebellgray studio & shop are situated in Hyndland in the West End of Glasgow. Housed in a beautiful Art Deco building, with high ceilings accentuated by large casement windows that allow light to fill the studio from three directions - perfect for painting and photography. Here you will find the team at work; everything happens in this building: painting, product development, beautifully packing and presenting orders and every step in between.

Nestled neatly behind the design desk, calm in the commotion of studio life, is a large, vintage and extraordinarily beautiful plan chest. This chest is our most prized possession and it holds the Bluebellgray archive; stacks of paintings lie lovingly stored within its weighty drawers, safely tucked away from paint spillages, fingerprints and sunlight. A rummage through these drawers takes you on a journey that traces the story of Bluebellgray, from current times right back to Fi’s kitchen table, a chronicle that inspires and reminds of the past but also demonstrates the timeless nature of Fi’s designs which still look fresh and relevant today. In this archive the quintessential Bluebellgray colour palette remains true throughout history - cheering doses of pinks, teals, yellow, little hints of purple peek out from within, a colour palette that has remained strong throughout time and allows collections past and present to connect and sit beautifully together.

As leaders in hand painted, watercolour textiles we have found that there are certain designs in our collection that are particularly cherished and coveted - in our latest bedding collection we paid attention to our archive, looking back to where it began, and reimagined two of our classic designs to create timeless, floral sets - Poppy (left) & Anya (right). Early supporters of the brand may recognise these designs and we are delighted to bring them back.

Poppy is one of our most treasured archive designs. Elegant botanical arrangements of poppies, peonies and foliage in a sophisticated colour palette are placed upon a crisp white background. This contemporary composition is graceful and will look fresh and current for years to come.

In Anya sunflowers, peonies and wildflowers create a beautiful, bright and uplifting design; adding a floral focal point to the bedroom. The joyful colour palette is classic Bluebellgray, it is one of our first ever designs and is still sought after today.

Printed on 100% cotton soft touch sateen, created in our Scottish print studio these two bedding sets will be available in March.

Available to buy now.